damnit! i hate secret santas! as if i have money to buy you a $15 peice of crap, i cant even afford FOOD!

Our new places is right by cook st village, which is the cutest place in victoria and im so stoked for it to be all cold and go to a lttle coffee shop and tell them, i'm a regular now so i feel special when i go in. maybe they can get my drink ready for me before i even get there? its walking distance to all the bars in victoria so i can stumble home without taking a $60 taxi. thank you god. also theres a fish and chip shop right beside our place and cheap movie rentals. what more could i need? Its time to get in shape bc apparently its jogger central, i'll have to whip out the spandys and show em how its done.......

Im packing all day today and moving day is tomorrow! bright and early. Ive been here since i was three so obviosly there's a lot of crap to sort through and get rid of. hopefully i wont find anything that has died in the back of my closet. fingers crossed.

im going to bottle my own wine and get 50 bottles for 100 dollars or maybe more and then get a wine cabinet and keep them content and and then have a house warming party and people can only bring wine

lots to catch up on the last few months i guess.

i can drink legally in this province
i have no money (is that new?)
Went to San Diego with Rl for his work conference
Went to mexico with Rl to get drunk and tanned
Got a nintendo wii
Am now in love with nintendo wii
Quit my job
Got a new job
Bought a car
Learned to drive standard
Got a place downtown
Moving in december first
Bought a crapload of moving out supplies
Im now a wino.

you wouldnt think a spa would be a high stress job... but holy fuck. all my muscles ache and on the drive home i had a minor freak out in the car. or my muscles did... they got really agitated/weird and i felt like if i stretched forever it still wouldnt be enough. there wasnt enough room to straighten my legs so i guess it was a weird claustrophobia thing. hm

back to the blog it is.

It has been forever since this bad boy got any attention. Time to start her back up again. Since im moving out on dec 1st i'll have a lot of down time and i'm hoping some crazy neighbors that can make my life interesting. maybe an old cat lady or something.

Peter thinks i should get one of those things that you draw on with a pen and it shows up on the computer. It's usually for artists but sometimes handicaps with pens (me) can use them too.

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