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yoyoyo they wanna know

So i am deffinitely getting sick and i think i might buy some Cold FX. Everyone talks about it and says it's amazing. it's expensive though and I don't have any money. anyone know by experience if it's worth it? Can't be sick for mexico. i'm leaving in 3 days. wow so soon. i'm pretty stoked to be in some hot weather for a change. i've been constantly cold for like 4 months now. it's getting a little tiring. I'm going to buy Leck a poncho.

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i suck at making scrapbooks. everyone's all creative and arty etc and they whip out their scrapbooking materials and i'm like oh great, i'll just put some pieces of construction paper on a page, maybe a few pictures and write a few words. good enough.

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My boss is nice and she's making my paycheck up early + holiday pay so i'll be all set for the little trip. she rocks.

oh yea i have to get a twinrix (hep a and b) shot on thursday! ew more shots! my arm still isn't recovered from the menengitis one! i hope it's not as painful as that because my arm was useless for days. I have the stuff already and i have to go to the stupid walk in clinic. how inconveniant. like i have time for that.

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Today i had shrimp. yesterday too. there's nothing to dip them in though, so i substituted some salad dressing and bbq sauce. went over pretty well.

Had some amazing food at Milestones last night. I think i need to eat more curry.

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wellllll i think it's time for a shower. then i'm headin off to soccer to freeze my little ass off. yay

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